Momentum Monday – Tensions Are High, Oil Vey and What Will Be With Retail (Jeff Macke Joins Me On Panic With Friends)

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Tensions are very high. I know this because I am getting called names like ‘intellectual lightweight’ for saying this won’t be another great depression.

I will keep it brief today because of the ‘Momentum Monday’ Video and my ‘Panic With Friends’ episode with Jeff Macke.

Here is today’s Momentum Monday episode with Ivanhoff which he titled ‘What comes after a relief rally‘. We share a bunch of ideas as to how to try and trade and position for the days and weeks ahead as the markets either remain volatile or begin to calm down.

Last week I had a long conversation about retail stocks with Jeff Macke who spends all his work time covering the retail sector. We agreed that there is no reasonable way to value retail companies in the current environment so be extra careful. I learned a lot.

A couple charts that have my undivided attention include the monthly oil chart I call ‘Oil Vey’:

I am watching the $VIX (measure of volatility) which continues to set records:

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