‘Momentum Monday’…The Chase is On…See $SLV and $PCLN

I am out today so can’t film a ‘Momemtum Monday’ but if I was in I would be pointing quickly to our Stocktwits50 list. Energy stocks, cloud and semiconductor stocks are leading the charge.

Stocks are crashing to the upside. $TZOO a Groupon for travel that I missed too many times so far has fooled more shortsellers than @berniemadoff. Hundreds of traders will point to this stock as one that ruined them.

On the slower death side, we have the shortsellers of $PCLN . It has gone completely unwatched and is also underowned. As it delivers great numbers, the shortsellers have had no chance to escape. It’s destroying careers.

Silver is up another 4 percent THIS MORNING. I sold too early and I have not chased it higher.

Sometimes chasing works. I don’t think chasing is a strategy, because stocks rarely have runs like this.

If you feel the urge, take a deep breath, consider the sources telling you they are must own them and buy some $aapl :) .

If you must chase, use the ‘buddy system’ on Stocktwits…find a few other chasers, define your risk and trade it together. It will make you more accountable to managing risk.