Momentum Monday…The Google Yawn and The Apple Rebound

Before I get started …

I watched this Conan O’Brien Netflix series called ‘Conan Without Borders‘ and it was really silly and really funny. I laughed out loud a lot and I was watching it myself! The Israel and Italy episodes were my favorites.

This clip from his recent appearance on Colbert was very funny as well.

To the markets…

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Ivanhoff and I take a Monday tour of the markets and momentum as usual. Watch it here:

The markets continue to hold the ‘V’ bottom very well, but the Nasdaq 52 week highs is rather thin.

After the markets today, Google showed off their earnings power as usual, but Wall Street is bored with the Googleplex. I will keep holding, but I do think the markets are demanding a fresh type of bold from leadership.

It is really nice to see Apple shoot past $170. Just last month there were dire predictions of $100 for the stock. Tomorrow is a better day to panic if December had you nervous. Better yet, if that were nervous, do not go back to the site that (Yahoo Finance) that shared the dire predictions. It is hard to believe how fast the stock lost 40 percent of market capitalization at a time when the iPhone install base is increasing at the rate of 206,000/day.

The VIX is back below it’s 200-day moving average for the first time since October and so things have definitely calmed down for now.

Have a great Tuesday.