Momentum Monday…The Law of Large Numbers and Why Apple is Stalling

Sorry about the sound for the first 10 minutes of the show.

I have so much fun making Momentum Monday with Jon and Ivan. It helps me think about the bigger picture and catch up on what I am doing right and wrong over time. I promise to be more careful about the production value going forward. I am just trying to be consistent producing the show.

The valuations of todays tech leaders is getting hard for most to digest. It is upsetting the non participators. Facebook is less than 10 years old and can pay $1 billion for 3 year old Instagram which is more than ANYONE will pay for The New York Times. Facebook is worth $50 billion more than News Corp.

Today my son max turned 13, but on Facebook (which he is not allowed to use) he is 17. His nieces and nephews can’t reach him ny phone, text, Facebook, my phone….he is off the grid. He is total command of his communications. A taker, not a giver to the network. As fickle as his communication habits are at age 13, I can understand the chase that’s on to control the networks of the future and the wild growth and volatility in valuations. It’s just the age we are living in so if it’s too hard for you to live with, ignore them as investments, but do not ignore them as tools for your business.

I am fascinated by the recent volatility and stalling in $AAPL. I believe it is more than the law of large numbers. If any company in the history of the world deserves the first TRILLION $ valuation, it is Apple. If they continue to grow modestly off this last quarter numbers they should get that historic valuation. If it deserves it in three years on modest growth, surely it should trade there for at least an hour Tune in to the show and get a more detailed explanation on what I think is happening.

If you hate Apple, social networks and are sick of the internet, there are still plenty of new leaders to consider. On the show, I review some of the positions in my LightSpeed Momentum portfolio: $ARBA, $DDD, $MANH, $COP and Ivan shares some of this favorite setups for the moment: $HK, $CTXS, $ALGN, $MLNX

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