Momentum Monday…The Relentless Rally Continues

There is a strong underlying bid in the market. You didn’t have to be a genius to catch a few of the many great setups that the market has delivered on a plate over the past 3 months. For sure, it seems frothy in some names, but capital is not leaving the market and it is just rotating among sectors.

Enterprise software continues to be the place to be, offering multiple opportunities: $LPSN $N $TIBX $MANH $ARBA…

Priceline is trading at new all-time highs after beating the estimates despite Europe going through its biggest crisis in 20 years. $PCLN

Ivan and I take a look at the stocks each of us own for our LightSpeed Momentum Investing Challenge. $COP $WFM $INTU $FARO


  1. jonathan hegranes says:

    I love how you’re able to segway from don’t ever own foreign stocks, get out of the business if you can’t find a US name, yada yada, into why $MELI is everything you would want to own… A true master at work.

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