Momentum Monday – The Sun Is Shining and Social Distance Themes Are Working

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Good morning everyone.

I will go straight to the Momentum Monday video that Ivanhoff and I do each week. You can watch/listen right here.

In August, I wrote about the trend developing in the solar stocks. The solar ETF $TAN continues to hit highs.

Ivanhoff’s reading of the market is a pricing in of a second COVID wave:

Anything related to social distancing has been outperforming notably – software (DDOG, CRWD, TEAM, NOW, SPLK, OKTA, ZS, FSLY, AVLR, UPWK, MDB, TTD, WDAY, HUBS, PLAN, PCTY), work and leisure at home (PTON, TDOC, LVGO, DOCU), diagnostics (NVTA, NTRA, DGX, QDEL,etc.), social media (TWTR, PINS, SNAP). If the same theme persists, we are likely to see online retailers wake up as well (AMZN, BABA, SHOP, JD, ETSY, JMIA, etc.).

Have a great week.

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