Momentum Monday…My Method to the Madness and Price Targets Are a Trap …

In today’s ‘Momentum Monday’ I once again explain how I find and research new ideas and review my picks for The Stocktwits Edge book from 18 months ago ( $INTU, $ARBA and $RAX). I review how I applied those principles recently to the 3D printing industry, specifically $DDD. So far so good.

Ivan and I also talk about StockTwits 50 and our Momentum Challenge at LightSpeed Trading.

We take a deeper look at the latest price action in $AAPL. You can go from hero to goat in this business if you chase and use price targets for media attention and my latest suspect for the goat department is Gene Munster for his ‘media chasing’ $1000 $AAPL drek. Shame on the now large headed ‘Herman’ Munster.


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