Momentum Monday – Tim Apple Eats McDonalds With Fat Nixon

The things Tim Apple does for his country.

On Friday, Tim had to have dinner with the Orange King to cook up this story about how Samsung was a threat to Apple because of the tariffs.

Not a dumb idea.

The markets have had a lot of reasons to rollover….

Recession blathering

Inverted Yield Curves

Sloppy IPO’s and supply (weed blowups)

But they have not!

Of course they still might, but earnings have been good and interest rates are on our side.

Ivanhoff and I do our weekly tour of the markets discussing all this and some of the leaders that have held up best and are emerging. Apple might surprise a few people to the upside this week as well (long).

You can watch/listen to the episode here.

Have a great week.

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