Momentum Monday – To Infinity and Beyond

What a year to own stocks.

The best performing asset of 2019 is Beyond Meat – at $14 billion it has a larger market cap that 30 percent of all S&P Companies – and which Ivanhoff calls a biotech edible.

Ivanhoff and I discuss Beyond and tour the rest of the markets to find momentum.

You can watch/listen right here

The second best performing asset of 2019 is Bitcoin even with its current 30 plus percent correction.

The Nasdaq is now up 26 percent on the year.

Speaking of Infinity and not just Beyond, Disney now has the top five grossing movies of 2019 (long).

Volatility is non existent.

The US dollar closed at weekly all-time highs against the Euro. I hope you planned a European vacation this summer.

Nobody knows when this will end so enjoy it while it lasts and don’t be too greedy.

My friend Charlie points out that the S&P sales and earnings are growing the slowest they have in three years.

Have a great week.

PS – This video has been making the rounds and it is really funny.