Momentum Monday – Where There is Volatilty There is Opportunity

It’s more fun when the markets trend up.

The good news is there is always a market trending up.

Right now one such market is Indian Banks:

I don’t own Indian Banks but I thought I should point it out because you come here for momentum and all your other daily email emails and new sources are yakking about the end of the world because Trump hates Amazon.

I don’t know how the next few months pan out for US stocks, but as I have been writing here the past six weeks, I am on the defensive.

Now with the S&P below the 200 day moving average (as of today’s close), I am in a no buy zone. That can change tomorrow or the correction may just be beginning.

For now, I made a ‘Momentum Monday’ with Ivanhoff to chat about the indexes and where the strength does lie (you have to watch it to get the ideas). It’s a short 17 minutes for those of you who really enjoy me getting more geeky about the process and the markets:

As much as I would prefer the markets just just trend up, the volatility is the opportunity.

The last year I was nervous about what was on the other side of the calm markets. Now we see what the other side looks like (as always) and it is a crypto massacre and so far small correction in stock markets. I am excited about the other side of the market volatility and the crypto mess.

I also recommend this podcast with Patrick and Sheel Tyle, a 26 year old whiz kid investor who talks about chaos and opportunity.

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