Momentum Monday…Why Nike is STILL a Sleeping Giant

Ok here is the lowdown…

The price of oil sucks, but software stocks don’t care. That has been the trend. $IBM is now at 10-year highs and the Warren Buffett software bid beneath the market is the bet that keeps on paying.

Transportation stocks are weak because they can’t keep passing those costs on and have all the sucky people costs too.

My favorite stock that I don’t own personally (I own for clients) is Nike $NKE. Tune into the show and you will get my heartfelt and longer explanation.

I argue with Ivan about the juggernaut that is Starbucks $SBUX (no position). They are breaking out yet again and it is obvious to me that the momentum models are now trying to factor in mobile (ecommerce and payments) so we have multiple expansion.

Next… @ivanhoff and I take a look at the existing portfolio holdings for our LightSpeed Momentum Investing Challenge (started each with $100,000 in a live account). At this point, I own $COP $MANH $ARBA and $DDD. Ivan has open positions in $TIF and $WFM. He is more active and has already been in and out of a few positions.

Finally, we peruse over a few setups in the medical appliances industry: $CYBX $STAA $MAKO … I want to add one of these and will likely do so in the next few days.


  1. Ralph Braseth says:

    RE Nike. Truly one of the greatest Iconic brands. Flagship store in Chicago has six floors. Hundreds of products. I walked through every square inch of the place. Not one single made in American item. Not one. I wasn’t surprised, I guess none of us should be. However, I found it a bit depressing.

  2. jonathan hegranes says:

    Hesitant to agree with the show’s resident Bulgarian, but I think he’s right — re $SBUX being a lifestyle brand…

    Even if you don’t agree with a marketer’s or wiki perspective, just go to China.  Being a part of the Starbucks brand is truly lifestyle in many parts of the world.  Perhaps not so much in Coronado or other parts of the U.S., but especially so in developing countries and cultures that care about status.  

    People don’t want to wear Starbucks’ t-shirts, but people love carrying that cup around with them.

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    Howard, Mnogo blagodaria for stock twits and momentum monday.

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