‘Momentum Monday’ with Real $100,000 Accounts at Lightspeed…Game On …Ivanhoff vs Lindzon

I had this idea to let people peer into how I would build a momentum account and asked Ivan if he would as well (with some of my hedge fund capital). It will be interesting to see how different we both approach the management of the account as I aim for very low turnover and Ivan likely a much higher turnover. On Friday, I bought my first stock in the account – $COP a commodity stock, as I ponder ‘commodities over brands’ at the moment. I am eyeing $LPSN, $ARBA and $MELI as well. I have a long list of stocks I want to own, but the entry points are extended. I never rush when putting client’s capital or my own to work. I want to find 6-12 of the best stocks in the market and buy them when I can more easily define my risk/reward. You can fire away questions for Ivan andin the comments section.

Thanks Lightspeed Trading for making this easy to get going.


  1. Davidjohnhall says:

    Great Idea!  These types of transparent challenges make awesome learning and discussion tools.  Will be coming back often to check up on the progress.  Hats off to you for the massive value give.  Good luck to you both.

  2. Valentin Rossiwall says:

    hi guys, I use lightspeed as well but only for daytrading. The reason is that they dont allow GTC stops, as they are mainly a daytrading broker. How do you go about this? Do you only use mental stops? 

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