Momentum Tuesday…Momentum Monday Was Not Enough

I thought I covered a lot of ground on the momentum in the markets with my regular Momentum Monday show (taped on Sunday), but Monday happened.

So I give you a first…Momentum Tuesday.

For many in the 2020 momentum names (technology and biotech especially), 2021 seems like a bummer. Welcome to ‘rotation’ and ‘mean reversion’.

Let’s also not forget the people I love to hate at the banks, who seem upset they had no part in the COVID crisis and have quickly made up for it in 2021 with their role in Archegos.

The geniuses at Credit Suisse just took a $4.7 billion hit because cheating is hard. Honestly boggles the mind how many awful things Credit Suisse has done over the decades, but one look at their stock chart is an easy reminder.

Don’t forget that Credit Suisse is the Goldman Sachs of SPACs (I know I know) and likely the bank behind most of the SPACs now trading below $10 (Social Leverage used Barclay’s as our lead).

Now that most of you March 2020 to Feb 2021 bull market babies are bummed out, I am here to point out that you are pretty much alone.

Facebook, Microsoft and Google hit all-time highs yesterday.

So did the $FM (Frontier Markets which includesKenya and Nigeria).

The Europe 600 is breaking out and JC has been waiting for this since high school…

Despite Credit Suisse the financials are breaking out to 14 year highs…

A lot of new momentum surfacing and it probably means inflation is here (the inflation expectation meters are surely flashing red) which I will try and cover tomorrow.

PS – Here is Nikita’s weekly update on the SPAC market…there is some good news behind all the bad price action.