Momentum Wrap – Philip Morris International and Jack In the Box Hit New 52-week Highs

new highs feb 21

Dividend-paying, defensive names shined today as capital does not want to leave the equity market just yet, but wants to decrease risk a bit. Look at the performance of consumer staples ($XLP) over the past week or so. $XLP is up 3% for February, while the S & P 500 is almost flat.

New Highs

17 new all-time highs among stocks that gained 1% or more: CLW MDSO SCBT LOCK WAGE PKG FURX UGP PCYC

37 stocks reached new 52-week highs while appreciating 1% or more. Some of the notable movers include:

  • Jack in the Box is continues to plow into new highs. Burger stocks have been on a tear recently. Discount shops are also starting to showing relative strength. $JACK
  • $PM (tobacco) cleared new 52-week high – typical defensive stock.
  • $CLW (paper products) broke out to new all-time highs
  • $PCYC (biotech), which is still the best performing stock for the past 2 years, made new all-time highs again.
  • Grocery stores stocks showed tremendous relative strength: $KR $SWY

StockTwits 50 Notables

  • Heavy pressure on momo stocks continues. 13 declined 2% or more for the day: $DDD $AZZ $KORS $XXIA $ASGN etc.
  • On the green side, $V and $EOPN stood out