MoneyBadger from Stocktwits

Stocktwits is launching MoneyBadger today.



The number one question I get asked on stream, on my blog and when I am out speaking is how do I start?

Unfortunately, millions of people in the world are perfectly capable of investing, but don’t. Some are scared of risking their hard-earned money without guaranteed gains. Some could have a strong distrust and dislike of big businesses. Some might even want to start investing in stocks or bonds, but have no idea how or where to start.

That is where we aim to please with MoneyBadger.

Money Badger is a simple and no-BS beginner’s guide to investing. As a publication, Money Badger’s sole purpose is to help those who’ve never invested learn the basics of the market, buy their first shares of stock, and become engaged with the fascinating market stories that evolve each day. Whether you’re fresh out of college and keep everything in your savings account or starting your retirement on a fixed income, we’ll help you with everything you need to get your money to grow.

In the words of Scott (the editor of MoneyBadger) and the Stocktwits team:

No, we’re not going to sell investment products or financial advice. We’re never going to say what stocks you must buy. We won’t beat readers over the head with advanced investing “tricks” that their best friend’s brother keeps trying to tell them about at parties.

We’re also not “taking over” StockTwits, but merely working side-by-side with the StockTwits community. Money Badger will utilize StockTwits’ industry-leading investor sentiment and stock performance data, but the audiences for both sites couldn’t be more different. After all, StockTwits users know what stocks they want to follow and why. Money Badger readers might not even know what a stock is.

I love do it yourself investing and think every American should try to not just beat the S&P but trounce it with part of their investing dollars.

For everyone interested in learning about the markets, Stocktwits strives to be the platform/place where you can learn, hang out, get smarter, network and have fun.

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