Monopolies Suck, But SO DOES 'FREEMIUM'

Microsoft, not Google was/is a monopoly and all ‘Freemium’ does is create chaos, bad business habits and ‘free’babies.

There is so much whining from iPhone ‘app’ developers the world over that I could puke.

We have become a sickening group of citizens and feel way to entitled at this point in history.

In my world, there are two useful iPhone applications…Bloomberg and Twitterific. Twitterific is so useful that I paid the gigantic sum of NINE DOLLARS to own it. Bloomberg had the gall to give it to me for free. Their loss, I would pay. Too bad everyone else. Life is difficult.

You yutz’s that are developing knockoff stockmarket and Twitterific apps, should just stop. Get a different job. I could give a rat’s ass about Steve Job’s making it difficult to get in the store. You see, Steve Job’s has been to a Walgreen’s before. Steve Job’s has a little style, cares a little bit about what the shelves looks like.

When I or Steve Job’s walks into a Walgreen’s looking for a fucking band-aid, I would like to see three choices – small, medium and large. Instead I get a fucking wall of band-aids in a bazillion size shapes and colors and a bazillion licensed images of Spiderman and Sponge Bob. Well fuck that shit says Stevie (I concur). And screw your crummy little ‘app’ that tells me which band-aid I need.

Steve is definitely pissing off some developers, but in the long term interest of what the shelves look like. It’s something I wish the rest of the retailers in the world would do as well. They won’t and their stores will continue to suck balls, while Apple will continue to pillage the competition, with or without your useless ‘apps’.