Moral High Ground…The Most Expensive Real Estate on Earth… AND…No Conflict- No Interest!

This Larry Ellison interview on Charlie Rose was fascinating. I encourage you to watch it all.

My favorite part were minutes 30-45 where Larry Ellison:

1. Calls Larry Page at Google ‘evil’ for stealing some Oracle code for the Droid.

2. Says screw the ‘Four Horsemen’ (facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon) – Samsung is the best Company in the world

3. Where Larry and Steve Jobs argue over the structure that Steve Jobs should use to regain control of Apple.

I have been investing, running money, and starting companies for 30+ years…there have always been conflicts of interest but you try and do the right thing. It is impossible to avoid conflicts. Under the right intensity of light, we are all guilty. Fred Wilson recently reminded me…no conflicts/no interest. Indeed. That said, I had never heard the phrase Larry mentioned in the interview when recounting his discussions with Steve Jobs calling Steve’s moral high ground …’the most expensive real estate on earth.

I can see Larry pleading with Steve to not just make the money for Fidelity. Classic stuff.

I can imagine the pain in the ass that Larry must be, but he continues to mix it up and swing the bat. Life. Enjoy it. It is precious.


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