More 2006 Predictions

’twas the Thursday before New Year’s and not a piankiller was working. Let me say that Percocet is way way better than Vicodin.

I left off after prediction number 6.

7-10 – More, better, INTERNET.

There is just so much going on and in such innovative, cost sensitive ways that there is no reason to look further than this. I already talked about information and it’s continued importance as my number 2 prediction., tagclods, tagging, RSS feeds, Newgator, Blogging, Social Communities, longtail economies (Ipod/Itunes as an example).

Early innings of the revolution, so stay tuned and focus on exploiting the negative. Great brands will go on sale. Notice Ebay down from 60 plus to 30 this year (what an opportunity). yahoo in the 20’s. apple in the 30’s, google quadruples. They were there for the picking and others will be this year.


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