More on iPhone…

I think this phone is great for bloggers and the mobile web. That’s obvious. It’s great for Google, Yahoo and all things search. It is great for niche content and really all content providers.

I think it further drives a boom in short videos and really helps YouTube. Good for iTunes, musicians, producers, actors and GREAT for Wallstrip.

Awesome day for the WEB in general. Congrats to Apple.

PS – Cingular will still screw this up and I would never switch from Verizon unless they figure out a Canadian calling Plan.


  1. marc says:

    Howard… in all the “post-iphone announcement Apple-euphoria”, it almost sounds like you’re getting the warm-fuzzies for Yahoo. “…It’s great for …Yahoo…” :)

    Can’t wait to view Wallstrip on my new iPhone. Silly me… I was hoping it would be waiting for me at my local Apple brick & mortar. I ran out before I heard they wouldn’t be in stores until June! :P

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