More On My Crypto Flippening and The Internet Of Value

Happy Saturday….

I think you will really enjoy this Raoul Pal interview with Scott Galloway on all things crypto and what Raoul describes as the ‘internet of value’

I keep going deeper down the rabbit hole with crypto. Luckily for me it is mostly about my job as an investor.

Crypto is my personal ‘fontier’ investing. Space, Robotics, Genetics, Biotech and gaming have never interested me and luckily I can make a living investing without having to understand these frontiers.

I use the term ‘the flippening’ a lot on this blog.

It is a term that I heard first used in a crypto context that refers to the possibility of Ethereum (ETH) overtaking Bitcoin (BTC) as the biggest cryptocurrency.

In 2019 I first used it to predict that mobile brokerage Robinhood would surpass ETrade in valuation. It now has.

Recently, I used it to explain the change in my portfolio as digital assets surpassed stocks.

Now, the flippening is happening in my investing life as I spend more time reading, learning, talking to crypto investors, dabbling in defi (making small personal investments) and talking to founders.

This crypto flippening has taken more than ten years since hearing the the word Bitcoin for the first time from Yoni Assia in 2010 in Tel Aviv.

Investing and learning takes time.