Motorola – I have Q envy – will it pass? AND Why Apple remains smart to pass on the iPhone

Happy day for me. I spent hours looking at sweethearts vying to host Wallstrip . Better than stock charts even on a big up day.

I can’t get this one body out of my mind though today:


I want one and everybody that i trust and talk to that has one – loves it! I need to own one even if it’s just to run parallel to my Crackleberry for a while. I plan on doing it shortly. In the meantime, I am buying some stock and think the Q gives Motorola plenty of legs if the market rallies.

The Apple news was definately a plus for me because there was no talk of the iPhone. Personally, i think it would be a disaster. I am starting to believe that Apple is best partnering with Motorola or Blackberry and play them off against each other for best deal. I think Job’s just has everyone running around and is ten steps ahead. At least I hope.

That said, my worst miss of the year was getting stopped out of RIMM at the bottom a few months back. I wish I owned both Motorola and RIMM. I am stepping back into handsets tomorrow with Motorola first.


  1. candice says:

    Fallen to it yet? I was playing with a friend’s Q last weekend, it’s really nice.

    I still don’t have a smartphone, I need my phone to never crash… The Q did crash once when we were trying to pull maps up on it.

    My friends, are however, coming over from Treos rather than Crackberries. (We’re nerds, we need phones with SSH.)

  2. Tom says:

    How is it going with the Q? I am running one in parallel with my BB Pearl and there is simply no comparison, BB wins hands down. Admittedly there are cons for both devices, although the ever constant lock up of the data side on the Q is making it an bearable device. Sleek, stylish and great display, yes! But I can get all of that and more on the Pearl and without the quirks that seem to be present on the Q.

    I hear the Q Pro is coming out soon that should address these issues and more.


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