How to Move a Stock – By Carl Icahn

The year 2013 was filled with sheeps and wolves.

Carl is no doubt the king wolf on Wall Street at the moment. Time magazine just said so.

Carl has been here before. It was not that long ago…2008 to be exact.

Take a look at the long term price chart of Carl’s baby $IEP:

From Carl’s website, $IEP is a ‘diversified’ holding company.

In late 2012, being diversified was not that much fun anymore. His stock had bounced like the rest of the market, but I have to imagine Carl and his $IEP shareholders were wondering where the magic had gone.

But in 2013, the magic returned. None of the magic had to do with diversification. A big Netflix bet, a Herbalife headline war and a Twitter account in June helped Carl raise $288 million on December 7th.

NICE. [email protected]#*KING. TRADE.

While the Blogosphere complained of tweets that moved Apple’s stock (please) and financial televsion aired Carl anytime his prostrate was acting up, his $IEP stock rose. All the while, Carl was just raising his brand value playing the media game. Carl owns 88 percent of $IEP. That Twitter account helped him make $7 billion off the rise of his stock alone.

As usual, Time Magazine will mark another top. It’s not Time’s fault. There are too many sheep and the wolves must be fed. It took them months to dream up this cover. Long enough for Carl and Morgan Stanley to plan a massive secondary to happen a week before this cover hit the stands.

Don’t bother complaining…and don’t hate the players…learn to play the game.

In 2014, you too can be like Carl Icahn. Some ex Googlers have created Upstart. The business of building the brand and marketplace of you is more interesting and liquid than ever. This could work, but please don’t tell Josh Brown about this website. he will flip his shizzle.

Now get to work.


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