MTV 2.0

I continue to be fascinated by the creator revolution.

I rely mainly on my blog, Stocktwits and Twitter to share content and interact. I rarely use Instagram or Youtube. Today, there are platforms for every type of creator including:

Substack – a platform for Writers to enable subscription newsletters
Outschool – a marketplace for Educators to enable teaching online classes
Bandcamp – a platform for Musicians to enable music and merchandise sales
Twitch – a streaming platform for Gamers and other creators to enable live broadcasts
Cameo – a marketplace for Celebrities and Influencers to enable selling personalized messages
Patreon – a platform for YouTubers and other creators to enable selling exclusive content
Gumroad – a platform for creators to enable selling digital products
OnlyFans – a platform for ‘all types’ of entertainers.

Eric Feng (ex Kleiner and Hulu) has this great post titled ‘New media platforms are enabling a new creator type: Digitally Native Vertical Creators‘. Do read it.

E-commerece is playing a huge role in helping creators monetize. It is not just Shopify stores anymore. There will soon be hundreds of clones with special features focused on helping all creators get their merchandise to their fans. I am playing with a few right now.