My 2011 Predictions…

So far, I am 2 for 7 in my 2011 predictions and it is only 2010.

My first predictions was that my pal Josh Brown would become a regular on financial television. He just wants it and is working with discipline to make it happen. He has been a guest for me on CNN Bullhorn and always rocks and than last night he stepped up to ‘Fast Money’ on CNBC. I love it when a plan comes together. Josh shines, and I would watch him. I am always amazed how CNBC completely avoids attaching the brand to any of Josh’s background.

My second prediction was that Fred Wilson would launch a bigger fund and ‘invest in the mess’ a possible situation he blogged about weeks ago. Dan Primack at Fortune is early breaking that news today. If Fred is indeed moving to the A+ and B- type rounds of financing, this will help prolong the entrepreneurial cycle and is good for the ecosystem, a bullish and happy day. The good VC’s have been taking about this area now for a while.

My third prediction is around real-time customer help and assistance gaining momentum because of the boom in social media. My favorite ideas are $RNOW $LPSN and (I am an investor). Sure enough, $RNOW has dropped 15 percent in the last 24 hours, so I may have to go right back to the drawing board. I am holding tight for now on $RNOW as leaders can shake you in your boots. I will only add on strength at this point.

Finally, Google is coming at my life from every angle. Until late 2010, the last 5 years were dominated by Apple. Now it’s gMail, Google Docs, Search, Droid and Chrome. They could buy Twitter for lunch money and even Yammer. If they bought those two, my work day would be Google and my phone and most of extra time would be Google. For all that Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Amazon get jthe hype (well deserved) 2011 and beyond could belong to Google. I think China and Google will cross paths again in 2011. All that said, I own Apple and Amazon as well.

Personal Finance remains the least obvious mega trend in big company America and Intuit will continue to dominate. I expect some ‘Mint’ genius bars, only becausse they won’t listen to my weekly demands for them via email so they must just be planning it.

I will stick with very small positions in Rackspace and Lulu Lemon as clouds and Facebutt’s will continue to trend in popularity…I am just not sure how far ahead the prices have now gotten. To be revisited.

Finally, Russia through $rsx which is a position i added a few weeks ago on the blog. I think Russia ends 2011 and beyond much higher.


  1. Anonymous says:

    In 2009 I predicted that adding my blog to the StockTwits Network would be an incredible move to make. It was the best prediction (and move) I’ve ever made.

    Thanks Howard!

    • Anonymous says:

      Josh, great job on CNBC – great to see a new financial superstar is coming to being in front of our eyes. Glad StockTwits could help get you additional exposure…

      Wonder if they’ll let u play with Cramer’s sound machine one day…

  2. Josh Warner-Burke says:

    Over the last year my own pet project, ProofTrader, has benefited from the Stocktwits platform in a big way. We would love to at some point explore the idea of partnering, with PT providing the objective side of ‘this person made a pick on this date at this price, and here’s what happened’ and ST providing the ongoing conversation and immediateness that its users have come to love.

    In terms of my best ideas, and the reasons are all on PT, I like Coinstar, Under Armour, IMAX, and Las Vegas Sands, in that order.

  3. Bryn says:

    Google is worthy but it is suspucious the stock isnt performing in line and making 52 weeks highs during the month of December. Last time i counted Google has 8 product lines and they each have positive metrics.

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  6. Bryn says:

    Howie, if social media takes off the way you expect, what kind of upside do u expect from RNOW. i am trying to determine if i should wait for a massive earnings beat/guidance beat and just pay $30 for it as it breaksout.

    • i dont know that stuff. stocks just do what they do and there is no magic formula or price targets. you buy stocks that you think can beat for a bunch of quarters in a row.

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