My CNBC Spot Explaining Stocktwits and Vertical Know How

Being on Squawk Box is a thrill because they take a little more time to let you answer questions. Other than Joe Kernen who seems to be interested in anything but the web, I got to explain a little more about how we think about Stocktwits and vertical communities. Thanks CNBC for having me.




  1. William Mougayar says:

    Great interview Howard, and I liked these quotes:

    “Everybody gets a microphone on Twitter, but the real specialists are going to take their own community.”

    “Building a business on top of a platform is not a business.”

    Very true that Twitter hasn’t spawned other significant businesses unlike Facebook who has.

  2. drama1 says:

    Well done Howard. Good to see you on tape and congrats on the Twitter unwind. You deserve all the rewards for your temerity and for having a strong stomach to deal with the turmoil. Missed you this summer at the beach, but it was a glorious time with my family. Now it’s back to school, back to work here in the valley. Best wishes my friend and get yourself on the tube more.

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