My Favorite Blogger Prediction/Reflection Links…Stocks, Markets and The Web

Here are my faves for you:

CHINA – Nobody is more optimistic than me for this China not to be ‘the bubble of bubbles’ but don’t be stupid. IT IS. All things will follow China this century. It’s just math and population. The only thing preventing China from imploding everyday is all the day traders short the Chinese ‘inverted double inverse upside down flint rubble double’ ETF (FXP). Read Michael Parekh’s quick review of the situation. He has been there done that . You can’t stop people from being exuberant.

INDIA – AWESOME thought post from Read Write Web . Not just the outsourceeeee going forward.

Brian is levelheaded. That’s why I trust him. He sticks to his knitting. NO PREDICTIONS .

Dinosaur Trader asks his favorite bloggers (not me) to list their favorite blog post . Good reading.

If Dinosaur had cared to ask me…My PERSONAL favorite Blog Post from 2007 :).

Fly – I am scared of him and his posse so must link weekly. His predictions are thoughtful as well .

Cramer at NY Magazine . He’s tough to take on his own site but I like reading his pieces outside TheStreet. I don’t follow his stock picks but his handicapping angle is a great touch.

Abnormal returns has a great link wrap-up of market and stock predictions .

Internet Video is the Granddaddy of internet trends. Ashkan looks into what video ad format will work .

Fred on the WEB . It’s a 100 year internet bull market in the end.

Ten Things that Will Change Your Future . Not Gumby…Chumby!

I love this PS from Fred in his 2008 look Ahead Post

I posted this from my blackberry to this blog, facebook, and tumblr with one click while sitting on a beach in the great barrier reef off the coast of australia. If you want to see the new world, you have to live it.

Everyone on this blog is living it so we are ahead of the game. Travelling tomorrow and excited to get busy again Thursday.


  1. Howard,

    Hey now, my post was an open invitation to all bloggers who read my blog (ahem!).

    I’ll link your favorite post as well… be prepared for your site to crash with the influx of traffic.

    Happy 2008!


  2. greenskeptic says:

    Did you ever get that appearance on Letterman — now is the time! Before he shaves his beard and gets all his writers back.

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