My First Documentary

I am in Los Angeles for the day to watch the filming of a documentary that I invested in. I am also an Executive Producer which of course means many things.

In January I got a call from my friend Chris Camillo asking if I would help a team he had backed with the story and background of a financial documentary.

After talking with Chris (a different one), the lead filmmaker and producer, I knew I wanted to be involved but I also shared my vision for how the documentary needed a much longer arc to help tell the story.

I have been helping coordinate the interviews and today will be the first that I sit in on while filming.

Way back in 2006 I started Wallstrip and I remember the long days of filming, writing, editing and being on camera. For this documentary, I only have to help tell the story and coordinate a great group of people to help tell the best story we can about the investing world past, present and future.

I can’t wait to share more details in the next few weeks. The documentary will be ready early next year.