My Peloton

I finally got a Peloton.

It is better than I thought it would be. It was delivered and set up and all I had to do was get the positioning of the seat right and I was in business.

I made a mistake and used my real name as my ‘user name’ so people are high fiving me on rides and asking me stock questions (not true). I do imagine that will happen.

I’m going to keep my real name as my profile for a while and see what happens. Say hello!

Peloton has built a social network for fitness and sweat.

I am surprised how many calories I can burn in a 45 minute ride (between 500-700).

The stock has been in my portfolio since the beginning of COVID and as COVID ends I believe the company and brand will continue to dominate fitness.

My favorite part is trying to move into the top 20 percent of the riders in each class. I think there is something for people of all competitive levels with the Peloton.