My Poop Prayers Have Been Answered…Now Pray For Google’s Sundar Pichai

I have now spent the last 12 days in the hospital, but I should be breaking free for home care by Thursday.

I was woefully unprepared for such a long stay and I learned a lot about myself in the process.

On day one in the emergency room, I heard the term ‘bowel blockage’, looked it up and thought…’I got this’.

By day two, I had to have an NG Tube jammed through my nose directly into my stomach (have a watch). It is easy to read google healthcare definitions, but it’s hard to put all the subtleties into context.

This battle I have had the last few weeks is no different than a trade I put on with terrible odds and poor information.

By the time I was diagnosed, I was so far behind the information curve and the strength necessary to get out in front it that the trade (bowel obstruction) was beyond me.

Speaking of Google, Yesterday Sergei And Larry stepped down from executive roles and handed more control to Sundar Pichai. Good for everyone (I believe shareholders too) Sergei and Larry want to have more fun. Booyah to that lovely idea.

It was easy to find the dumbest sound bite/headline of the day on the news …I searched CNBC and Google and got this:

Sundar Pichai will have to step it up to become the wartime CEO Alphabet needs.

Gimme a break with ‘wartimes/peactime CEO monikers.

Maps, YouTube, Search, Travel, Android, Cloud, Cyber Security, Healthcare. I do think financial services including insurance are inevitable

Let’s please not forget how many thousands of great seed stage companies Google must see each year whose sites, tools, products, bubble up amongst google engineers solving google problems. Google is an endless opportunity (oceans, land and space) of margins.

Everyone will have a complicated reaction to the news. I would shred most of them.