My Solar Dance is Working

I have started a daily Solar Dance because I am long solar and happy.

CSIQ is likely a piece of shit. You know it and I know it. BUT, I want to be long Solar and this trend is just getting traction in the world of real business. I of course am focused on the price leaders. Solar for dummies basically. Surely this will end bad, but as I always say, who is to say when. Focus on money management in the meantime.

I have blogged hard about this trend and have been long FSLR for 100 points and Wallstripped all the Solar stocks and WFR (also long)

CSIQ is finally profitable for me and my new dance…rain or shine, is aimed at keeping it this way.

SOLF is a another Solar lottery stock that is a rocketship these days. You have to love the name – Solar Fun. Just begging to be shorted and hence it will likely continue to rocket.

Credit Crunch Shmeditd Crunch.

Disclosure – Long FSLR, CSIQ and WFR.


  1. greenskeptic says:

    I’m with you on FSLR. Only I was sleeping when it dipped to 195 a short time ago. Shoulda been there that day to scoop up more.

    WFR’s been a good, if inconsistent play.

    Have you looked at China Sunergy (CSUN)?

    Good to see a Canadian desert rat basking in the sun.

    Long sun.

  2. annonymous says:

    I am in Florida….Honda ran a 10 second add on TV station about their new Fuel Cell car. It is only available in Southern Cal. They must want to drive the demand for hydogen stations. This comment isn’t about solar but it is about something huge. Are you following Fuel Cell advancements Howard?

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