My trend away from trend writing

Oh well. I have been frustrated lately as there is not much to write about on the trend side. It feels like I have been forcing things and that doesn’t work.

I just read a great post over at Fred Wilson’s site. It rings true with me and where I want to go with my blog.

The best paragraph is this:

I like reading what other people write in the comfort of their own pages. If they are writing about VC, great. If they are writing about music, great. If they are writing that their best friend died, that’s fine too. As long as it’s personal, real, and authentic. If I want the other kind of writing, I can turn to the New York TImes or the Wall Street Journal.

It pretty much sums up why I have given up main stream media, lowered my stress level, trusted my blogroll that will continually evolve and not missed a beat. In fact, other than spending too much time on the computer, I am a better person.