MyBlogLog does get acquired by Yahoo after all

A big $10 million for a company started in July. Nice.

One of my fave blog networking tools and a great buy by Yahoo. Let’s see what they do with it.

They have a lot of blogger information with this purchase. Do some good with it.

Yahoo is one of my longshot picks of the year. It is up strongly so far. Time will tell.


  1. Trader-X says:

    Yahoo is great – I have been using their premium mail for years, and it is the best web-based client out there.

    I love YHOO almost as much as SIRI!!!

  2. Mike says:

    Great news for mybloglog. Big pay for a short timeframe.

    I have to agree with X. Yahoo mail is the best email out there..

  3. Howard Lindzon says:

    Trader x – sirius post coming – the only person making serious sirius money is strern. You are too smart to trade that cvrap

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