Narvar Founder And CEO Amit Sharma Joins Me On Panic With Friends

I met Amit in San Francisco back in 2015 and agreed to invest right away. The post purchase e-commerce problem was something software could solve and it felt like a big problem to me. You will really enjoy listening to Amit talk about the company, the product, the journey and the opportunity.

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Guest: Amit Sharma

Profile: Founder and CEO of Narvar

Where to Find Him: LinkedIn, Twitter

Fun Fact: Amit left his job as a data engineer in India to pursue an MBA at Duke University. After graduating, he worked for some of the best-known brands, including Williams-Sonoma, Walmart, and Apple. He has an interesting Q&A with Thrive Global you can check out here.

What’s the Panic About: I love geeking out at eCommerce and if there’s one person to do that with it’s Amit Sharma. Amit is the mastermind behind Narvar, a customer experience platform pioneering the post-purchase experience and helping fill the gap between retailers, merchants, and consumers.The company assists the likes of Neiman Marcus, Home Depot, Glossier, Sonos, and more. Odds are you’ve used Amit’s company and didn’t even know it. And the great thing about Navar (and one of the things I’m proud of) is it’s actually one of the companies Social Leverage has helped fund. I loved getting to pick Amit’s brain on all things eCommerce, the consumer experience and challenges, supply chain, Narvar’s biggest clients, the effects of COVID on his industry, and more. Amit is a family man who truly cares about the work he is doing, so I had a great time getting his perspective on this episode.

The Takeaway: The biggest opportunities are in identifying gaps. For Amit, he used his 18 plus years of experience in business operations, saw a gap in the consumer experience, and ran with it. Also, it’s important to note that whether it’s delivering a shopping package or starting a company, your job is never really done.

Favorite Quotes:

“You have to invest in the customer engagement and customer experience.”

“For us the big question is: When is a brand ready to invest in customer engagement versus customer acquisition?”

“Fundamentally, consumers are looking for choice and convenience.”

Food for Thought: Listen up! If you want to help out and give back to our show, reach out to me on any leads to help Narvar grow their business. It’s a win-win piece of software.

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