The Nasdaq 100 at ALL-TIME HIGHS and What Could Go Right – My 12 Charts of 2016 Series Continues

I will get to the meat in a few minutes, but a few things I saw today worth sharing…

It’s nice that Tiger Woods is playing golf at a high level again but socially he remains a 40 handicap:

Get used to more scares at Trump Tower which means huge headaches for everyday New Yorkers. This tweet though made me LOL in the moment:

Bitcoins are now $942 a piece. My friend Vinny who we backed at penned this from South Africa today. He got me really excited about Bitcoins at $400 this year and thinks we see $3,000 at some point soon (I am long).

Back to the title of this post and the subject of the day…

Today was a big day for technology stocks. It comes after a big year and a big decade.

Here is the chart from @HCPG on Stocktwits that highlights just how a big a day it was:

To all you daytraders from March 2000 that held on to the Nasdaq ($QQQ) until you got back to breakeven…Mazel Tov!

But what’s next?

Tell me Howie…could this continue?

In 2014, I was in London and asked a smarter friend than me what would happen and he predicted Nasdaq 10,000 this year. I followed up on it in August of this year when we hit Nasdaq 5,000 again. I asked the same question as today’s headline…what could go right?

Now that we are clearly AT all-time highs for the fist time in 16 years I doubt Donald Trump or Russia or China or ISIS stand in the way of the inevitable march to a future of machines. The machines are in charge. Take a look at this beauty of a chart highlighting smartphone penetration:

The New York Times wrote a piece about automation and the Steel industry today that stated the US Steel Industry lost 75 percent of it’s work force between 1962 and 2005. During that same time shipments of US steel DID NOT decline.

The number of robots in Amazon warehouses has risen from 1,000 in 2013 to 45,000 this year. Of course Amazon is growing but this is still some heavy duty robot deployment.

There are a LOT of distractions out there to keep you out of the stock market. In fact, 48 percent of Americans do not invest. My goal with this blog was to make sure I stayed invested. The mission of Stocktwits is to help others learn to invest and stay invested.

I will end with this chart of the 150 times gains in the S&P since 1950 (after inflation):

Drops mic.

Let the selloff commence.

PS – Don’t chase Bitcoins, but stop watching it and own a few digital coins for the grandkids. Here is how you get started.

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