Nasdaq 10,000 by 2016

I have had a fantastic week of work in London. All of it off the telco grid. I have survived on wifi, paper maps and friends.

Last night I got to hang with my good friend Yoni Assia (world traveler based in Israel), founder of Etoro (an amazing and almost global brokerage which I am investor in) who was wildly bullish on Bitcoin in 2009 at 20 cents. He begged me to own some while I was visiting Israel. I did not. Last night he used my Robinhood account to buy 1 share of Apple on my Robinhood iPhone app with the flick of a finger. He shared it into my stream to embarrass me. This classic tweet came back:

I asked Yoni if he was bullish in general. He said we will see Nasdaq 10,000 by 2016.

I asked him to elaborate a bit and I have paraphrased our conversation. The Nasdaq is hitting 14 (FOURTEEN) year highs. We are nearing the famous Nasdaq 5,000 mark. Here is a look:

$NDX hitting a new 52 week high today. Nasdaq could test historic highs in the next couple of weeks

— Antonio Costa (@ACInvestorBlog) Nov. 18 at 06:06 PM

At Nasdaq 5,000 in the year 2,000, mobile phones were all Nokia. There was no mobile web. Eighty hipsters were stealing all the dial up from CD ROMS.

Cramer was somewhat interesting. Now Josh Brown and Joe Wiesenthal get Charlie Rose face time. Everyone is a curator and the celebrity and in charge of filters.

Taxi drivers were giving stock picks in 1999, now they are entreprenuers driving Uber’s, trying to figure out Google Maps to earn their keep.

Steve Jobs was about to rock Apple’s world and ours. Google was not public. Zuckerberg was in high school. Social and sharing on the web, now fabric, were not in the vocabulary of the web.

Yoni’s grandfather has lived past 100 which is a miracle, but all three of his young kids could make it easily.

Software, 3D printers, plunging oil prices…

China, India and a new financial system built around the blockchain that takes global trading to the next level, leaving America in the dust as a global financial superpower.

From a sentiment perspective, the markets are hated…just for the rich, not real. Poor wages are real.

I can see Nasdaq 10,000 now myself in this light. Yoni sees it and more amazingly, without much help from America.


  1. Philbert says:

    Ok but don’t understand the whole without America piece given that every company mentioned in article was started in America and plunging crude can be credited to American production increase. Help me out here.

    • banking could go blockchain and legal…those tw sectors are all about american bullying. and technology so mainstream it helps all countries so world can grow and us can export culture and we get all tie highs

  2. FedUp says:

    I don’t like Jim Cramer but i don’t think he is a Communist and I can’t say the same for Howard Lindzon.

    I have tried this stocktwits and it first becomes apparent that like FB TWTR it’s primarily used by foreigner’s or Non Americans.

    Second they seem to be be uneducated traders who buy pumped stocks at bad entry levels and only know how to trade long becoming Bag Holders and pumpers hating on those of us more educated traders who are Bear and or short at the appropriate times.

    I find stocktwits and it’s little squad cars to be harassing and shallow minded towards those of us who express Bear and short opinions to stocks who deserve it.

    I have had these little squad car Hitler’s dictate to me about my posts, tell me they have removed and/or censored my posts and I have had my account wrongfully suspended (penny_hunter) when I told them I disagree with their censorship and prejudice actions towards Bears/Shorts.

    I am an educated traders who unlike Cramer & Lindzon’s paid cronies, I share FREE helpful trading advice to anyone who asks and accumulated over 93 followers in just a few days time before my account was suspended without warning or good cause.

    I think stocktwits has potential but it’s currently not achieving or on the right path to being anything but a Howard Lindzon’s own little concentration camp where he is Hitler.

    Internet users deserve better.

      • FedUp says:

        Yes Son it’s me, please be nice to your users even though they have differing opinions and could you please suspend all the little twits who use profanity & disrespect towards others. It was good having this talk and I know you will do the right thing.

  3. Queequeg says:

    I’m sorry, I just don’t understand. Nasdaq 10,000 in less than two years? If the markets are representing times that are supposedly so good then why are governments around the world injecting such stimulus? Doesn’t really equate. Please elaborate. Can we have a decent economy without government intervention? Imbalances abound…..

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