Nasdaq 10,000 …Again

Yesterday I had Nasdaq 10,000 on my mind. It was probably because I had a day trip to Palo Alto, land of the sweater vest and dockers (the pants). I brought a little style to the valley with my laceless converse:

Today Amazon crossed $1,000 a share and $480 billion in market capitalization.

I also read today from Naval of AngelList that the best venture investment of the last three years wasn’t a venture deal. It was Ethereum now up 750x, liquid the whole time and open to anyone with just $1.

By the time Nasdaq gets to 10,000, the next Nasdaq will have been a better investment.

I had lunch with my fund partner Gary, Michael Porat and Vinny Lingham. Michael is on the investment/Mergers team at Cisco and he and I love to talk stocks. Do not feel bad if you dont understand digital currencies and Tokens because Vinny had to explain it to Michael and I for the 20th time.

Of course we talked Amazon crossing $1,000 and Michael was explaining to me via the AWS financials that are being broken out that in a few years Amazon’s AWS business alone could be worth what Amazon trades at today. The numbers are staggering and he just may be right.

One of my favorite new toys is Twitch which Amazon bought a while back and is basically TV as a service. We were speculating that Amazon is already planning their next big platform as a service. It could be customer support as a service or they could buy Twilio, but even if they do nothing, Amazon remains unstoppable.

Of course our lunch could signal the top, but I doubt it.

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