Nasdaq 10,000 – It Will Be YouTubed

This tweet from Raoul Pal caught my attention today re Google:

Smart people just want to be bearish. I encounter very few smart people (that care about stocks) extremely bullish right now…at least publicly. That is a fuel the Nasdaq seems to be riding right now and will likely continue to help push it higher.

I have been long Google forever it seems and it has been rather boring the last few years.

I am excited to see it break to all-time highs. Quietly it is now just 20 percent from $1 trillion and could conceivably beat Apple and Amazon in the race to the magic market capitalization.

I have no idea how to value Google, but nobody does. The good news is people keep trying and failing.

There has never been a public company with so many levers to pull come earnings time.

I think the biggest fuel for Google is YouTube.

I saw this baby (Ellen guessed 8 months old) at Chipotles last night surfing YouTube on an iPhone. It blew my mind:

Talk about an amazing 8 to 80 brand and company… and by 8 in this case I mean 8 months old, not 8 years old.

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