Nasdaq 10,000 …More Evidence and a Must Listen Podcast on Technology

A pause that refreshes in technology and other leading stocks may be upon us. My friend JC takes a look at the technical reasons why in this good post.

In the bigger picture, I saw this chart from Charlie and realized how far this next 10-20 years could still go for the Nasdaq

One case in point…

I have NEVER used the food delivery services including GrubHub ($GRUB), Postmates and UberEats.

Ubereats make McDonald’s a much better competitor to Domino’s for late night food cravings, kids parties, etc.

The other day, Ellen and I noticed that our son Max was using UberEats a lot from his dorm.

I imagine a few friends had used it and the lightbulb went off for Max. Now he seems hooked…that is until we cut him off short term while we balance his budget!

This habit will carry on for Max and likely Rachel the rest of their lives. No wonder GrubHub has been on such a phenomenal run. Basically, they have magic wands in their hands for the rest of their lives

I listened to this podcast conversation between Fred Wilson and Chris Dixon and you should too.

Nasdaq 10,000 is coming, we just don’t know which platform will drive the big push/wave that will get us there. By listening you should get a better feel for the possibilities.

Have a great day.

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