NASDAQ 10,000…What Could go Right?

On Friday we closed at all time highs on the Nasdaq.

The FIVE largest companies in the world are US technology companies. 

Thank goodness Trump wants to make America great again. I’m sick of all the horrific  gains in semiconductor stocks. I long for ‘peak oil’ fear and $120 oil. I can’t wait for $2,000 gold and banks ruining our lives once again.  

Trump is a repulsive human being who is rarely right. He is way off once again running for President. Like all his business forays the collateral damage to people that align themselves with him will be punishing. 

The only people more bearish than Trump are Goldman Sachs who on July 31, told everyone to sell for 90 days. They hear voices I guess. Remember to buy back on day 91. Thank goodness for Google calendar. 

America is greater than ever in 2016.  We live longer, we have awesome drugs, Shake Shack, sushi, uber, free trading, open borders, the social web, Amazon Prime, Google maps, an eye on cancer and Alzheimer’s, and engineers up the ying yang. 

I remember the 80’s when it was lawyers and bankers up the ying yang.

In the 60’s we had the draft or as Donald Trump calls it, the decade of bad feet. 

Today interest rates remain zero and my kids don’t need to worry about a draft. 

While I don’t feel/see Americans spending like 1999, I don’t know what stops the relentless, autonomous bull market for American consumer technology. 

In late 2014 I blogged about Nasdaq 10,000 in 2016. Though the prediction is way off the premise and reasoning remains the same today. I met with Yoni again this summer in Paris who remains as bullish as ever. I see no reason to bet against him or his thesis. 

The amount of money looking for a home may just give us the juice we need for the uber bubble that takes us to the promised land. Take a gander at this chart:

It’s no longer just ok to hug an engineer and punch a banker. It’s ‘hug an engineer, hoard designers, suck up to centimillionaires and punch a banker’.