Nasdaq 10,000 ….You Can Taste It!

I am still on house arrest healing from surgery but I think I am starting to feel better because I am getting angry a lot more.

I have done well caged up not to watch any cable news, but any type of news reading has my blood boiling.

Despited all the stupidity around us, the Nasdaq continues to chug higher, now over 8,700 and less than 20 percent from Nasdaq 10,000.

I have been calling for Nasdaq 10,000 the last few years (here are all the posts I have written on the subject) and we seem to be on a push that could get us there in 2020.

We would hit Nasdaq 10,000 tomorrow if someone would finally release a scratch and sniff internet, but I am told that is never going to happen.

As we hit all-time highs on the Nasdaq yesterday, only Apple and Google from FAANG have stayed with the leaders. Amazon, Facebook and Netflix are lagging.

The all-time high list has many names from Healthcare, Biotech, Software, Financials, semiconductors that few have heard of. Yesterday it was Advanced Micro Devices, not Intel, hitting another all-time high.

I liked this tweet from venture capitalist Hunter Walk that captures the magic of technology and our inability to measure the true productivity and even unintended circumstances:

Hunter is optimistic like all us Venture Capitalists.

Leading the pack of optimists is Marc Andreesen who just dropped this 44 minute video interview titled ‘Why We Should Be Optimistic About The Future‘. I think you will enjoy it.

Have a great Friday.