Nasdaq 5,000? …Nasdaq 10,000 Still Inevitable

I have written a bunch of posts over the years talking about the inevitability of Nasdaq 10,000.

But, in July I asked ‘Can You Handle Nasdaq 5,000 Along The Way‘. Facebook had just gapped down from it’s all time high of $200 and I wrote:

In the big scheme of things, not much has changed tonight with respect to Nasdaq 10,000 being a lock. I’ve been silly optimistic because of how I get to live my life and my eyes, ears, feet and network that I rely on to make investment decisions. What everyone needs to remember is that the Nasdaq can go to 5,000 on the way to 10,000 and try to visualize what their portfolio would like like if the Nasdaq was at 5,000.

It is just a few months later and the Nasdaq is back below 7,000 and the FAANg stocks are going down everyday. Nasdaq 5,000 seems possible.

Which makes this good timing to see Josh Wolfe’s excellent presentation on the inevitability of technology. Take the time to watch it.

Have a good Friday.

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