Nasdaq and Gold melt up?

If I had an hour TV show – save the hate – it could happen, the first 20 minutes would be disclaimers.

After that, today’s show would be all about the possibility of Nasdaq 3,000 and Gold at new highs.

Other than that Chinese ‘search’ hole of death of late Baidu (BIDU), my stock screen is green. They report earnings today by the way and it could go to 80 or 130. No idea. Just holding.

Internet – Yahoo the dog – check

Guns – Smith and Wesson – check

Consumer crap – Nike – checkamundo

Railroads – KSU – checktosterone

Gold and Silver – chacheck

Anyways, I was perusing my Degraaf Charts this AM and noticed this little gem. I have no idea how to make them look right here, but trust me it’s interesting.

nasdaq 3000.jpg

It seems that no one owns tech ( I agree with that) and yest the Nasdaq is ominously close to cranking higher. As they say, something has to give.

I have been slowly dragged back onto margin in my stock account the last few weeks and although i am nervous, it feels right.

Shoot me some tech ideas if you agree! Buffalo Wings is not a tech idea FLY!


  1. Todd Allen says:

    I’m a fan of ADBE. They have been getting things together lately, and with Flash-lite taking off (now with video support) on Verizon, KDDI, and DoCoMo they are in the mobile game going forward.


  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    Mark – CRM is a great one. I am kicking myself for just avoiding the whole software space

    WYNN has lots of bells and whistles and I like IGT for that. also wynn has one eye or bad vision so maybe an eye tech company to salute him!

  3. andy says:

    My brother in law’s lawyer told him there is this stock that is going to the moon…its called Sirius (SIRI) and they do satellite radio. Best part is they have HOWARD STERN!!!! Oh and the stock is cheap–under ten bucks!!! Think about it–Google is $500 why would anyone buy that???

  4. Broker A says:

    BWLD uses their technology to “retail” chicken wings to fat fucks.

    Also, they use technology to open their cash registers and cook the food.

    Aside from BWLD, EQIX, TLAB, TKC and LOCM are must owns.

    After the explode, don’t come to me saying “why didn’t you tell me earlier”?

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