Navteq, Garmin and Baidu…Tell me Something I don't know

So ANALysts are coming out today saying Navteq is a takeover target. You heard that here first last week. I should probably sell, but I think they could and should be taken out and just added to my position. Hope the ANALyst is right for once. Garmin and Navteq were up big today.

Over on, Vishesh Kumar (great name), is saying that no one can value Baidu . That’s something I have been saying here for a while on Baidu, Google, Apple, RIMM. More precisely, God can’t value them.

The point is, when you find the true leaders, with giant margins and growing marketshare, nothing changes cycle to cycle. They are impossible to value and you are best shutting out all the noise. ALL OF IT.

It’s mood driven only until they miss, or Google starts to ship packaged goods or Apple gets to 800 stores etc…

Add my favorite Chipotles to that list. You can’t value it. They can serve thousands of people on a shift of four people. Forget about it.

Disclosure – Long, NVT, CMG, GRMN, AAPL, BIDU, AMZN