Navteq is COOKING…I am Considering a GPS Tattoo

Please tell me you owned this. I truly can’t keep track of the goodness going on in my portfolio from the road. Monday mornings have become a bullish gigglefest if you are long stocks. Of course it’s not right, or even fair, but this is the rewars for being invested and not market timing.

I have loved this broken stock all the way down from it’s previous highs (buying in the 50’s, 40,s, 30’s and twenties) and now all the way back up and today Tom Tom, the Garmin of Europe bough Tele Atlas for $2.6 billion .

Navteq (NVT) is the smarter version of tele Atlas so I would assume that a bifdding war may ensue for Navteq which is up another $12 at an all-time high. I may add some here later when I see where the prices settle.

Opsware who :) ?

PS – A GPS product update show (Check out the Garmin Forerunner) is due and I will get on it today.


  1. Trader Mike says:

    I suspected NVT was up because of the Tom Tom deal. All the mainstream media headlines I saw this morning said it was up b/c of an upgrade. I was like “hell no”.. No analyst has that much power.

    Congrats for being long NVT. I hope you’re taking a little profit off of all these huge movers you own. :-)

  2. David says:

    Thanks Howard.I bought 5000 shares a few weeks, and unloaded them today.With a nice $55,000.00 profit.
    Could use another couple of those.

  3. Howard Lindzon says:

    i could use a couple of those.

    mike – i bought more nvt today. The stock has no competition and huge upside and google as a main client. Google needs to pay up.

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