NBC…Apple's Loss is Amazon's Gain?

It’s why you don’t put your eggs in one basket and why I own Amazon.

Amazon is probably the only worthy online music disruptor next to Apple. If the NBC/Amazon news is true, it’s interesting and pretty cool .

If I had to buy an NBC show, I would shop at Amazon I guess.

Apple is now hated by old media for ‘being duped’ (please…best thing that ever happened to them). They will not be any happier at Amazon, but it’s part of process to try!

UPDATE – Just read the fine print again on Amazon’s DRM story . Screw that.

“Protecting content” is a tip of the hat to NBC’s concerns over DRM. Amazon and Apple both use DRM for video, but Apple’s DRM policies are considered to be “too lax” by many players in the TV and movie business. Apple’s terms allow for authorized for playback on as many as five different devices. Furthermore, Apple-approved devices can be authorized to play content purchased from five different accounts.

Compare Unbox: Shows bought from Unbox can be kept on two computers max, and can be stored on up to two different (approved) media players. Users cannot “mix” accounts, meaning that a PC cannot have authorized content purchased from two different accounts accessible at the same time. As you can see, Unbox is more restrictive.

I like good content, but two machines….assanine!

UPDATE 2 – Blodget takes a look at the real cost to Apple .

Disclosure – Long Apple and Amazon


  1. Eric says:

    Not only is it about hardware, but ease of use. Apple is the King of making things simple for people to use. The reason many people buy TV and music from iTunes is because of the ease of use. It’s almost not worth the extra effort to find and download illegal content when you can easily click, buy, and download from iTunes.

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