Negative Interest Rates

Everyone is talking about negative interest rates.

Everyone is so confident they know what it means. Not me.

I will say one thing with confidence…

Go. Refinance.

Jesse Felder jokes that Bonds are The New FANG (Facebook, Apple, Netlfix and Google).

Charlie points out :



One day we will really find out what all the money printing and poor government spending means, but for the time being I don’t really believe anyone.

I keep thinking of the movie ‘Blow’ when Johnny Depp and crew had so much cash that they had to keep buying bigger homes and finding more elaborate ways to hide/store the cash. Cash was so easy that it became a pain in the ass to hold it and store it.

As a consumer I love lower interest rates and if some asshat bank will pay me to buy a home, count me in and please lend me money to short your stock.