Netflix – A Mea Culpa on my Mea Culpa

I guess Netflix really is done . It is loved and it was/is ambitious and they have oodles of data, but Wall Street could care less.

That’s all that matters really. I have not owned/shorted this stock, but written about it often .

Until someone steps up to the plate and takes them out, Netflix is an also ran security.

Maybe they should just pay me to sign up already, because no matter how low their price goes, I am not signing up. There are just some price levels that don’t matter and Netflix has passed that line and only hurts themselves with more cuts.

They need to figure out how to increase pricing at this point by offering something. It sounds like their customers love them, so they should stop trying to get me and focus on uncommon value and premium services for the customers that can’t live without it.

The main point here is that if you trade this stock , you are a putz :)


  1. Trader Mike says:

    Are you a putz if you trade it or if you’ve been trading it from the bull side?

    BTW, I’ve been a NetFlix customer since way back. So far back that I’m grandfathered in on an old plan that they no longer offer. You’ll have to take my NFLX subscription from my cold dead hands. The stock is a whole different matter though. I wouldn’t touch it. I just hope they survive b/c I’d hate to have to switch over to Blockbuster. I have a bad feeling about it though, just like another product I love — TiVo. I wouldn’t touch their stock either — talk about dead money.

  2. J Livermore says:

    Is the guy who shorted it today a putz? Arrogance again from Howard. No Howard doesn’t short he would get his ass handed to him. Hey Broker how is that NTRI position doing?

  3. livermore – no just you.

    consider your comments banned. They are useless. Only an asshat like yourself trolls, comments in a useless way and hides.

    Your time is up on this blog and your comments will be deleted. keep enjoying the blog though.

  4. Mike – The putz term as you know is a term of endearment unless used on people like j livermore (a putz) no smiley.

    There is no trend and i have written about it, therefore even i am a putz. But the service is so loved, you want to root for it.

    They cant win though. they have lost control of the value/pricing proposition and need to regain it somehow

  5. J Livermore says:

    Block me please. I am starting a blog that will blast your trends back to the stone age. Every pick you make I will be watching you Howard.

  6. Tim says:

    The entire industry has major challenges. Can’t comment on the service though as I’m not a customer.

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