Netflix and Thrill

Today Netflix passed Disney in value.

I saw this today and it really put this era of the internet, money, crypto, venture capital and IPO’s in perspective:

Netflix is the ultimate 8 to 80 brand in 2018. I am not sure how they can be stopped. Of course the valuation will have to come in at some point, but millennials and indexers will BTFD for a long time.

Josh had a great post about P/E ratios and what he thought of them as it relates to owning great companies and stocks.

The only thing we know for certain today is that the markets think Disney is underachieving and will continue to do so.

I added Disney to my 8 to 80 list this year, but not because of the P/E. I believe the future is not giving Disney enough credit for figuring out the Netflix model and co-existing in a way that Wall Street and millennials approve.

Congrats to all the people who have stayed with Netflix.

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