New Highs and Lows and a new feature – NERD LULLABY

Market sucks. Not the end of the world hopefully for you. Keep things in perspective. It is amazing to me that the market has BARELY burped and the devastation so large. Keep your powder dry.

There just are no new highs to speak of. Was looking at the rapid decline in REITS and in hindsight it looks easy. It is not.

I have some buys tomorrow if we collapse. You should have a list to.

Your daily lullaby is brought to you from Scoble and Pageflakes . He only went 26 minutes here with this Pageflakes company that cures dandruff if you use it as an internet startpage. Do not watch this while driving. Scoble says he is already suing me and I don’t need the extra aggravation. BTW, Scoble is not my type of people so I have banned him. Yes, he is a Lindzon fan , but I never liked him. I gave his book to charity for the deduction.

I recommend all stock bloggers ban somebody from their blog tomorrow. It will be a show of stock blogger solidarity and linkbaiting. Please submit your banning in my comments or on your blog. Let the linkbaiting BEGIN.

TIP – Make sure it is someone with more traffic than you.


  1. mdawsz says:

    Maybe it would be easier to keep track of the number of blogs that aren’t suing you?? :)

    PS: Is it possible to ban one’s self from a certain blog? That would make the decision easier than picking a single person.

  2. Steven says:

    I ban myself from my own blog..Doh!

    You know I used to read HL for his insightful comments…now I just use him as an excuse to click and watch Keri…

    Wife: Are you looking at that Golf girl again?

    Me: No…I told you I am reading Howard Lindzon for his insightful stock tips..look at the monitor see…read the post…soemething about some nerd banning him from the nerd’s website.

    Wife: Ok..well don’t let me catch you watching her again.

    LOL…widgets are great.

    I am wondering if there is a Keri fan club to join somewhere?

  3. Shane says:

    It’s really hard for me to ban my only reader but I’m banning my Mom. She doesn’t need to see the T&A

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