New Office – Same Art

I moved offices for about the 5th time in the last 20 years. Each time, less and less ‘stuff’ comes along.

I am so grateful for ‘the cloud’.

I now work in a shared office space in San Diego called Deskhub (I am a personal investor). There is a lot of wall space. I finally get to hang some art pieces again.

In the 1990’s I bought my first piece of art. I probably paid $1,000 and could not afford it. Here it is:

First piece of art I ever bought was 1998 when I started my fund … In a new home again

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In the 1990’s I could not search the artist on the internet to see if I was getting hosed.

I decided with my eyes and my heart.

It’s more fun and interesting to look at Roark’s piece today. He perfectly captures the era in a contemporary and hilarous way.

Today Roark Gourley has a Wikipedia page.

I think I picked a great artist/entrepreneur.

Roark is still alive so I guess my pieces remain undervalued ! :) …